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Khamis, 16 Jun 2011 • 3:57 PTG 0 PANDA

i hate you.i hate your face.i hate your smile.i hate the way u talk to me.i hate your joke.i hate the way you care to me before.i hate the way you treat me like this.i hate when you didn't want to say sorry to me.i hate you dodn't come back to me.i hate when i reminds you.i hate you kiss me before.i hate you wear mask when you with me before.i hate you lie to me.i hate when i feel that i still love and want you.i hate you do to me like rubbish.I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU..

but i knw..the way i hate you,i still REMIND you..but i must remind to myself that i can't love anymore becoz u not suite to me.